How To Get My Computer Icon Back On Desktop

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Sometimes its happening after reformatting a computer some desktop icons are missing such as My Computer, My Network Places, My Documents and Internet Explorer. Those icons are very important to seen in desktop specially to those people who are unfamiliar in using a computer it helps them to have a shortcut icons.

Follow this instruction on how to get back the missing desktop icons on your desktop.

This is a desktop without some important icons you can't see the icons of My Computer, My Network Places My Documents and Internet Explorer.

First thing to do is you'll go to the desktop properties. To do this you have to right click in the desktop then click Properties.

The Display Properties will appear. Click Desktop Tab.

Then Click the Customize desktop tab.

Then the desktop items will appear.

In desktop Items you will see the four unchecked boxes named: My Documents, My Computer, My Network Places, and Internet Explorer. Next thing to do is you have to check the boxes by clicking it then Press OK.

Almost Done! the missing desktop icons finally back in the desktop.
Many ways on how to get back those icons in the desktop but I think that's the proper way on how to get it back.

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spepStaff said...

I am so glad that somebody finally did a post about this. I often run into this problem on my computer and since I'm not that good with technology, I always thought it had to do with software or hardware problems on my laptop. Now I know that it is an easy fix.

cedric said...
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