How To Make Your Computer Case Like New Again

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When we want our old computer to be more compatible in different software's right now such as, games and applications we only upgrade the hardware's inside the CPU such as, Memory, Video Card and other Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) devices. Sometimes it happens that our computer has a higher specs inside because you are upgrading it but our CPU Case was look old.

The Best thing that you are going to do is to renew your computer case. You can change the image of your CPU Case by Repainting it. By doing this you will need a spray paint, steel paper and masking tape. First you need to clean your CPU casing using steel paper remove all the spot and thing that can easily remove a paint when you get it then cover some parts of the CPU casing using masking tape such as, LED, Power switch and reset switch in order to be protected when you start spraying a paint. Then put the CPU Case in a news paper in order that the paint will scattered on the news paper not on the floor so it is easy for you to keep the floor clean after you paint it. Then it is ready to be paint spray the paint to the different parts of the CPU Case until the old CPU Case covered by the paint and look like a new one. Then standby it until it will dry then reassemble the computer parts and see the changes of you CPU Case.

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