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There are many reasons on why your PC is always hanging it might be some of the electronic devices of your motherboard is not working, or you have an corrupted Operating System, or your computer is infected by viruses and it might be also your hard disk drive has many bad sectors. I provide some of solutions to that problems who made your PC Always Hang. Follow this tips on how to fix your computer on different problems that can cause your PC always hang.

1. Some of electronics devices in your PC Motherboard is not working. This problem occurred when your computer is old or dirty inside this can cause your electronics devices to be not work like a capacitors that can cause your computer to be damage or can make your PC to hang. The solutions to this problems to clean your motherboard and its electronic devices. Then check all the electronic devices specially the capacitors if it is still working using an electronic tester. If you found out that there are some electronics devices that are not functioning that's the possible reason why your computer is always hanging. Fix it by replacing the damage electronic devices take note that in replacing the damage electronic devices use the same voltage of the damage electronics device. You can use soldering tools like soldering led, soldering pump, and soldering iron in replacing those damage electronic devices.

2. Your Computer Operating System is corrupted. If your computer Operating System is corrupted your system will not properly working or malfunction example of effect of this is your Computer will always Hang. The solution for this is to repair the installation of your Operating System using the Operating System Installer or Reformat your system and install a fresh copy of operating system. Note: Install the original version of your Operating System to maintain the original performance of your computer and backup all your important files, installers, and programs that stored in your computer storage before reformatting your system.

3. Your computer is infected by Viruses. Yes it is one of the possible reasons of the PC that always hang. Please Click here on how to remove the viruses using command prompt. In removing viruses using your installed anti virus you need to update first your anti virus through Internet then scan all drives its better to use a boot scan if your anti virus can perform a boot type of scanning. After scanning test your computer if it is still hanging. If it is still hanging I recommend you to reformat your computer for a best result.

4. Hard Disk Drive is many bad sectors. This is also can make your PC to be always hang. To fix the Bad sectors of your hard drive use a utility software like HDD Regenerator that utility can detect and repair Bad sectors of the Hard drives.

Hope that Tips can help you to fix your PC that always hanging that Troubleshooting tips is only proven by my own there are many problem that can cause your computer to be always hang and there are also many solutions on how to troubleshoot it.

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