What To Do Before Reformatting Computer

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Today, I want to share an information on technology base on my own expertise. As a computer technician one of the most important thing you should know is to reformat a computer. reformatting a computer is a process wherein you are going to reprogram your operating system and re-install all the applications on a computer. It is also describe as deleting the whole system program  and reformat by installing a fresh copy of operating system and programs. Performing this operation will take time and a lot of consideration.

If you are really decided to reformat the computer think or ask yourself the following.

1. Do I need to backup files? This is very important. You should consider asking yourself or the owner of the computer if their is an important files or documents before reformatting.

2. What are the hardware components of your system? It is very important to know the hardware components of a computer before reformatting. Take note the hardware model of motherboard and other PCI devices like videocard etc. If it is a notebook or netbook take note the model of a gadget. The purpose of this is to find the correct device driver for Audio, Video, LAN, Chipset and other hardware components of a computer in order for your system to work properly and perform its best performance after reformatting. There is a CD device driver for the specific device given to the owner of the system if you buy it, but some of the owners don't keep it or loss it.

3. What is the best operating system for your system? You must consider choosing the best operating system for your computer. First, know your system specification then choose an operating system that fit to its system requirements  choosing the best Operating system for your computer is also depends on your clients or the PC owner, Ask what your clients always do and the programs that he/she always use then select the best Operating that compatible and helpful to his/her needs.

If you already comply the 3 important things above before reformatting a computer  then you are ready to reformat the computer. I hope this little tips could help you for a better results of your job. You can leave a comment below for any questions and additional information according to this topic. We will appreciate your feedback and promise to response as soon as possible.

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