How To Clone A Hard Drive

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Cloning a disk is one of the fastest way of copying all programs and files from a hard disk to another hard disk of a computer it is very useful when you are going to setup many computers. It is a process of transferring all installed programs etc. from a hard disk to another hard disk in a fastest way you don't need to install all programs per computer better to do is to perform a Disk Drive Cloning . Disk Drive cloning can perform using a disk cloning software or utilities like acronis cloning utilities, Hiren's Boot CD and more. First thing you need to do is to make a source hard drive. The Source Hard Drive is a Hard Disk that are completely installed. Better to reformat first your source Hard Drive then installed all programs you are going to be needed. Then if you have already your Source Hard Drive Time for you to do a Disk Drive Cloning.

Things needed:

1. Source Hard Drive
2. CD ROM Drive or DVD ROM
3. Disk Cloning Utility
4. Destination Hard Disk Drive - This could be the destination of all programs and files from your Source Hard Disk.

Insert your CD ROM Drive, Source Hard Disk Drive and your destination hard disk. make sure that all the drives are detected by your system and set your Source Hard Drive in BIOS as a Primary Master then set also your CD ROM Drive as a First Boot Device. After Configuring that settings insert your boo-table CD of Disk Cloning Utility. Because of the settings you've configure the system will first read the cd from your CD ROM Drive (that is your Disk Cloning Utility) then read and follow the instruction from of the utility disc on how to perform a Disk Clone. Cloning Process take at least 30 to 40 minutes. After Disk Cloning test your destination disk if it is working and if it is the same to your Source Disk. If it is totally working change some settings in your clone disk like IP Address and Full computer name to avoid Conflicting of the systems in a network. Rest your Source Disk up to 15 minutes before clone another disk to avoid Over Heating of a Drive. 

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