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This is the first time that I've install Windows 8 operating system and I am thinking on what could be the best antivirus for this kind of windows. We all know that Antivirus is very important and a highly recommended software in our system. For many years, I've been using Avast antivirus or Microsoft security essential in combination with USB Disk Security in the internet cafe that I maintain and It gives me a good result.

Thinking that my old antivirus will also work on this new operating system I've tried to install them. First I've tried to install avast free antivirus but after installing and the system restarted there is an error occurred and I can't log on to my windows desktop. Probably there is a compatibility issue between windows 8 and avast antivirus. I log on to windows using safe-mode and uninstall Avast and yes the problem was solve. Then, I tried to install Microsoft Security Essential thinking that this could be the best antivirus for windows 8 but during installation again there is an error occurred and it said that "there is already an antivirus with the same features with the Microsoft security essential". Wondering what antivirus it is I go to the control panel of the system and look all the programs installed then I found out that windows 8 has a built-in antivirus "Windows Defender". Windows Defender is a built in antivirus with the same features of Microsoft security essential. Therefore I conclude that the best antivirus for windows 8 is windows defender, you don't need to install antivirus for windows 8 but make sure to update your windows defender. For additional virus guard I install USB Disk Security 6.3 to block viruses coming from USB Drive.

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