USB Disk Security for Windows

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USB Disk Security is now available for windows operating system. Zbshareware USB Disk Security is the no. 1 security software that I've ever used. This software made a lot of help on me to maintain the computers in the internet cafe that I manage. Past 3 years ago I've been hired to become a consultant and computer maintenance in an Internet Cafe here in Roxas City, it was my first time to maintain a cafe and at that time I'm not yet an experience technician. 

Maintaining an internet cafe is not easy, One of the biggest challenge that I've encounter is how could I protect the computer from viruses coming from USB. We all know that Internet Cafe is for anybody (cafe Users) and you can't avoid the users to use their USB Drive and 90% of virus who infect cafe computers are coming from USB. I tried a lot of solutions but it doesn't work even I freeze the system using deep freeze application.

Then later on I found out about USB Disk Security by Zbshareware. This software gives me 100% protection against any threats coming from USB storage. Another best thing in this software is it is compatible to be paired in any antivirus software. This means that there is no conflict if you have already an antivirus software installed. To those who are having a problem on viruses specially viruses coming from USB, I recommend you to use USB Disk Security. Zbshareware released  USB Disk Security for windows, This is good for PC, Business and even in offline computers.

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