Globe Tattoo 4G Flash Prepaid Stick P995 Review

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Tattoo 4G Flash Prepaid Stick is the latest Prepaid stick product by Globe's 4G Technology. While I am surfing on the internet looking for a nice topic on my blog I ended up in the official website of Globe and I was amazed on their newest Prepaid Stick the Tattoo 4G Flash P995. This 4G device is capable to to surf up to 7.2 megabytes per second this is the first time that I've heard that a USB stick modem can surf that high or maybe I under estimate the capacity of this kind of device. As far as I know from the past this type of device can only surf up to 1 Mbps maybe technology is really fast changing my knowledge about prepaid sticks was far out-dated.  

Before when my clients are asking me on what kind of Prepaid Stick do I may prefer to them, I discourage them to buy it instead I recommend them to use DSL connection but right now that I found out about the Globe Tattoo 4G Flash Prepaid Stick maybe this product is worth to be recommend. Tattoo 4G flash is available in any globe establishment and authorized distributor for only Php. 995 from its Php. 1,245 before. Purchasing this product will receive some freebies, Free Facebook for one day every week for the next six months but this will end on June 30, 2013 and a Php.5.00 pre-loaded amount.

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