Step By Step Tutorial On How To Backup Files In Windows XP

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I would like to share an easy way to backup files in windows xp. I made this a step by step procedure to be more understandable specially to the newbie. Sometimes we are confused on what are the files that we need to backup on a computer specially if we are going to reformat the PC. The files that you need to backup could be the files in my documents, desktop, and local disk C, if your computer had other partition like for example local disk D and planning to re-partition your hard drive  you need also to backup the files on that partition but if you're not planning to re-partition your hardisk you don't need to backup the files on it instead you can make it the location for your backup files

Here's the step by step procedure to your files:

1. Go to my computer and go to your Local Disk C.

2. Inside your Local Disk C you will see a "Documents and Settings" Folder. Open it.
3. Inside "Documents and Settings" Folder you will see a user folder's. Select the right folder of the user, in my case I am using administrator account so my user folder is administrator folder. 

4. Copy the User Folder to your backup storage destination. That user folder contains the files from my documents and desktop. To make sure that you are copying the right folder open it and see if the user files is on that folder.

5. After copying the user folder go back to your local disk C, check if there is an important files stored in there. In my case there is no files to be back up in my Local Dis C, those folders that you see in the picture below is system files meaning you don't need to back up them because they will replace after the system re-installed.

6. Copy the files in other partition if you are going to re-partition your hard drive. If not, the user folder that you've copy earlier is the only files that you need to backup then you've done transferring your backup files and ready to begun installation.

Note: Before you reformat the computer take note also the important programs installed in the system in order for you to re-install those program after re-installing the operating system. 

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