How To Fix Windows 7 Startup Problems

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There is a client came to me this morning and She is asking to fix her laptop "Acer Aspire v3-471g". When I examine it I figure out that the operating system of the unit was corrupt or unable to log on to windows. I tried to troubleshoot the problem I've tried to log in to safe-mode, use windows start-up recovery, acer recovery tools, windows Live CD, System Restore etc. but it didn't work then I found out that the operating system installed in her laptop is Windows 7 Home Basic. Thinking to solve the problem by re-installing the original operating system, I go to the internet and download Windows 7 Home Basic then I burnt it into a DVD. But  when I tried to repair the Operating System it still doesn't work. So, I talked to the owner and suggest her a solution, that is to reformat her laptop.

With the approval of the owner I reformat her laptop and because of a good hardware specifications of the system unit I've decided to upgrade the operating system to Windows 8 Professional 64-bit. Finally, the Laptop was fixed but sad to say I didn't recover her important files. I was planning to remove the disk and convert in to external hard-drive to back up the important files but I'cant do it because the system is still under warranty and it could make a conflicts between me and the distributors of the system if there is some problems exist.

Possible solutions to fix windows 7 start-up problems:

1. Try to Log in to safemode. If logging in to safemode is possible it means that it is a minor problem, Try to execute Disk Checking. The Problem is probably cause by not properly shutting down the system.

2. Use Windows Start-up recovery. This is a Built-in recovery tools by windows 7 but you can also perform this using a bootable windows installer.

3. Use Recovery Tools. In my case I use Acer recovery tools because the unit that I am trying to fix is made by Acer.

4. Try to Restore the System by using System Restore. You can use Windows installer to perform system restore but it is only available if the system has created a system restore back up image before the problem occur.

5. Use Windows Live CD. The purpose of this is to Log-in to a virtual windows in this state you can do things like disk checking, fragmentation, back up files etc. that can help you to recover the system.

6. Repair the existing operating system. In my case the existing operating is Windows 7 Home Basic so I download and burnt it in DVD then I tried to Re-install the Operating System.

7. If solutions 1-6 won't work your final solution is to reformat the system.

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